[Foodie] Nutella Cinnamon Rolls


I was so thankful to have witnessed the ordination of Berean Community Church’s two pastors two weeks ago – Pastor Peter Chung and Pastor Mark Lim. It was one of the largest blessings and encouragements to see these men dedicate their lives to ministry and more importantly to serving the Lord! It really challenged my entire view of ministry and what it means to live a life worthy of the calling to which we have been called, but a more complete post on this will come soon.

I had the distinct pleasure of preparing snacks for the ordination service and for such a special event, I really wanted to make some special snacks! So I busted out the mixer and the measuring cups to make 300 mini cupcakes (plus an array of other goodies).  I don’t have many talents but God did give me ability to bake my butt off so anything to serve the church! Even if it’s just cupcakes!


Nutella Cinnamon Roll cupcakes and Sour Cream Raspberry/Blueberry cupcakes were the treats of choice and I must say, they were pretty yum. Couldn’t help but sneak a few before they made it out onto the table but no worries, I only ate the ugly ones…! The Nutella ones really were a labor of love and so I’d love to share them with ya’ll so you can also share the love!



Nutella is indeed one of God’s gifts to the foodie world. I was really never a huge fan of cinnamon rolls until I tried these nutella cinnamon rolls that are absolutely to die for. The nutella makes the cinnamon rolls extra gooey, extra moist, and extra deeeelicious! You can bake them in large batches like traditional cinnamon rolls OR you can bake them into individual cupcakes, which I do because it makes me feel like I’m eating less and therefore I feel less guilty. Makes sense right?!


Anyways, this process is quite arduous and long so please be patient and set aside enough time for all the magic to happen.

An hour for the scalded milk to cool.

An hour for the dough to rise.

A half an hour to knead, spread, and cut the rolls.

A half an hour for the rolls to rise.

A half an hour for the rolls to bake, cool, and get glazed.

And only 10 minutes to eat them all….ugh.

It really important to give your milk time to cool and your dough time to rise. Don’t rush through it! It’s important to let all the magic (aka chemistry) happen in order for your rolls to be scrumptious.

Couple of notes:

Scalding your milk means bringing it to an ALMOST boil. After you mix the milk, oil and sugar together, mix it until it’s very well incorporated and put it on medium-high heat. Don’t walk away from it and don’t let it overcook.  You don’t get the typical boiling signs you see with other liquids so it may be hard to tell when it’s about to boil over but when it does, it’ll happen real fast!

Rolling and Cutting your rolls can be done in a couple ways. The way I like best is to roll your dough into a long rectangle. After you’ve spread your nutella and cinnamon, roll up the dough looong way – or as I learned in elementary school, Hot Dog Way! – until you feel it is a good sized roll. Slice and repeat until all the dough it rolled up. Use floss or string to cut up the dough into about one to two inch rolls.


And if you have to ask yourself the question, more nutella is ALWAYS better. The recipe calls for one cup but….I just like to make sure the whole thing gets enough lovin’!

Needless to say, these were devoured and everyone’s tummy was happy 🙂 Hope these make your tummy happy and brighten up your kitchen!


Happy baking and happy eating!


Nutella Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Glaze 

ADAPTED FROM Sugarcrafter


For Cinnamon Rolls

  • Two Cups of Whole Milk
  • Half Cup of Vegetable Oil
  • Half Cup of Sugar
  • Two and One Fourth Teaspoon of Active Dry Yeast (or one packet)
  • Five Cups of Flour
  • Half Teaspoon of Salt
  • Half Teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • Half Teaspoon of Baking Powder
  • One Stick of Butter
  • One Cup of Nutella
  • Cinnamon

For Glaze

  • Two Cups of Powdered Sugar
  • 7-8 Tablespoons of Whole Milk
  • Four Oz. of Cream Cheese, Room Temp
  • Half Stick of Butter, Room Temp


  1. Scald the milk, vegetable oil, and sugar (heat until just before it boils). Remove from heat and let it rest until lukewarm (about 45 minutes-one hour)
  2. Whisk yeast into milk mixture and let it dissolve.
  3. Incorporate four cups of flour and let it rise for at least one hour.
  4. Mix together baking soda, baking powder, salt, and remaining cup of flour. Knead the dough onto floured surface with the dry mixture until it is incorporated.
  5. Roll out the dough into a large rectangular shape with an even width (it’s ok if the edges aren’t perfect!)
  6. Cut the butter into cubes and melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Mix in the nutella until it is smooth.
  7. Spread the nutella mixture evenly onto the rolled out dough. BE GENEROUS!!!!!
  8. Sprinkle a healthy amount of cinnamon onto the dough.
  9. Roll up the dough into desired size and pinch off the ends. Cut the roll into about one inch segments with a piece of string or floss.
  10. Place cut rolls into a baking pan or individual cupcake molds and let them rise for about 20-30 minutes.
  11. Preheat the oven to 370F.
  12. Bake the cinnamon rolls for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
  13. In the meantime, make your glaze! Cream together the butter and cream cheese until very smooth.
  14. Mix together the powdered sugar and milk separately. Mix all glaze components together until smooth.
  15. Once the cinnamon rolls are out of the oven, let them cool before drizzling glaze over it.

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