[D.I.Y.] Holiday Decor and More!

Merry belated Christmas! Hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas at home with loved ones and an opportunity to reflect on the many, many ways we have been blessed! And of course. Feast endlessly on food.

HOORAY for my first crafty post! I’m always thinking of creative ideas and ways to either make something I like or use recycled materials to create something awesome. Matthew calls it the beginning stages of hoarding because I hold onto all these random crafting things…BUT Proverbs 31 praises the resourceful woman so I’m just trying to be resourceful!!….? [Please keep me Matthew!] So yes, I really believe that the majority of cool stuff you see out there, you can make on your own! Plus then you can make it extra awesome and put your personal stamp on it annnnnd feel reallly great about it :))

I got a lot of requests throughout the holiday seasons on ideas for seasonal DIY decorations that are hangin’ up in my apartment, but with no real means of posting until now, these are a little overdue. My apologizes! Hope ya’ll still enjoy them and you can always adapt some of them for other occasions!!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Fall Pumpkin Garlands

                                 SONY DSC


Christmas Ornaments / Garlands



Mason Jar Holiday Cookie Mix



Until next time,



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