Well, hey there.


Thanks for dropping by! If you’re here, you probably already know me – Christine Juang, the wild child that God has blessed with 22 years of life, who cringes at the thought of being normal and loves the thrill of anything adventurous. Saved by grace through faith alone, my first love will always be Jesus Christ only because he first loved me by laying down his life on my behalf. Born and raised in the glorious land of NorCal, I’m now taking advantage of the SoCal sun after graduating from UC Irvine this past June. But enough of that. Learn more about me here if your heart so desires :))

When I told people that I wanted to start a blog and the general reaction was, “Oh…I thought you would already have a blog!” I figured it was time to get one going. After all, there are so many thoughts and ideas in this crazy head of mine that I gotta put them all somewhere. Please be gracious, as writing is not my forte and this whole blogging thing is relatively new to me, but hopefully it will serve as an encouragement to you and a way to keep up with this ridiculous life God has blessed me with.

The goal of this blog is really to give God the glory in everything that I do. Why? Because he is the reason for everything I do. Yes…you’ll find copious posts about cooking everything in sight, turning the most random things into glorious crafts, and finding adventure in every corner…but all of these things are nothing in comparison to having life abundantly in Christ Jesus. As my pastor once said, you can exist without Christ, but you can’t LIVE without Christ. Amen to that!

* * * * * * * * *

One other main inspiration for my blog is Mr. Matthew Yang. This handsome fellow here is the sun to my shine, the peanut butter to my jelly, my God-loving, God-fearing, army lieutenant boyfriend. [I know we’re super gross and mushy…you’ll learn to love it kekeke]


God has placed Matthew in the army as his place of ministry – being a light to his soldiers and fellow leaders – and I have decided to go along for the ride, God-willing. Being in the army is no walk in the park, but dating someone in the army isn’t either. Through this blog, I hope to provide better insight into army life from a Christian perspective so any of you ladies considering dating [or potentially marrying!] an army man can know what you’re getting yourself into, understand general army terms, and know how to better pray for and support your man.

For those of you who know me and Matthew, I am seriously so thankful for all your support already and hope that this blog will also help ya’ll get a better glimpse into where God is taking Matthew in his army career as well as how you can better pray for him. Trust me, he needs all the prayer he can get!!

Well, that’s all for now! Here’s to a fantastic new year and a jolly bloggin’ time!!



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